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Terms and Conditions For Auntie Anne’s UK “Pretzel Pass” Loyalty Program

  1. Personal Data Collection
    1. What personal information are we collecting?
      1. We will be collecting information in two ways – through our mobile application form; and through our sign-up page on our website The information we will be collecting will be:
        1. Name
        2. Email Address
        3. Mobile Number
        4. Date of Birth
        5. Postcode
        6. Favourite store
    2. How will we use this information?
        i. This information will only be used to make sure that each customer has full access to the features of the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Pass loyalty program as well as ensuring that each member only receives offers that are relevant to them. By providing us with these details you are consenting for Auntie Anne’s to contact you with promotions, competition information and newsletters to keep you updated about the world of Auntie Anne’s.
    3. How will we contact you?
        i. We will be sending offers to you via the mobile application as a push notification; via email; or indeed via text message (SMS). If you wish to opt out of these at any time please contact us on
    4. How can you contact us?
        i. You are able to contact us via the “Contact” tab on our website or via the email
    5. Will we pass this information on to any third parties?
        i. This information will be held securely and under no circumstances will this be passed on to any third parties. Your contact information will only be utilised for the reasons listed above.
  2. Pretzel pass
    1. Obtaining your card
        i. You can obtain an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Pass loyalty card at your local store. You can collect points immediately with your Pretzel Pass however in order to spend your Pretzel Points you will need to register. This can be done following the steps below.
    2. Downloading our loyalty App
        i. If you wish to utilise the Pretzel Pass App rather than keep a card in your wallet you can do so by visiting the Apple App Store or Android Play store.
    3. Registering your card
        i. Once you have received your Pretzel Pass card from your local store you can visit and follow the steps to register your card. Once this is done you will be able to start spending your Pretzel Points!
    4. Registering though our mobile App
        i. Once you have downloaded the Pretzel Pass App you will be prompted to register when you first open the App. As with the card, this step can be skipped and you can start collecting points immediately. Should you wish to spend this Pretzel Points you will need to return the sign up page in the App to register.
    5. Replacing a lost or stolen card
        i. If you card is lost or stolen do not worry! We are able to put a hold on your account, register a new card and transfer your balance across. Similarly we can block access to your account via the App should your phone be lost or stolen. Simply email us on and we will respond as soon as possible to ensure your Pretzel Points are protected!
    6. Earning Pretzel Points
        i. Once you have received a card or downloaded the App you will be able to start earning Pretzel Points immediately. When you make a purchase of any kind in store present your card or phone to the Crew Member who will input the details via out In-Store tablets and then scan your device/card to add the points. You will then immediately (normally but due to poor reception in some malls it may not come through until full reception returns) receive a notification thanking you for your purchase and confirming your latest balance.
    7. Redeeming Pretzel Points
        i. Whilst you can earn Pretzel Points immediately upon receipt of your card, in order for you to start redeeming your points you must register via our website or via the App. Similarly this is done in store so when you come to pay, present your device/card to the Crew Member who will then scan, ensure you have enough points, and put through the transaction – it’s as easy as that!
    8. Checking your balance of Pretzel Points
        i. If you have the Pretzel Pass App this couldn’t be easier! Simply open the App, click “My Pretzel Pass” and voila….your balance will be displayed. With a Pretzel Pass card simply scan at the store and the crew member will be able to tell you your balance.
    9. Participation of Auntie Anne’s Franchise network
        i. Auntie Anne’s UK operate a Franchise Structure and as such there will be, from time to time, certain stores which are not participating in the program. Whilst we will do all we can to ensure all sites are on board there may be certain store that choose, at least in the early stages, not to participate. Please email us on if you’re worried your store is not participating. The full list of participating stores can be found on our website or via the store finder in the App.
        ii. The Pretzel Pass Loyalty Programme is not valid at the Auntie Anne’s London Luton Airport store. You will not be able to earn or redeem any points at this store.
    10. Point structure
        i. Whilst there will be limited time offers such as double points on certain days/for certain products the core point structure is thus:
         - All Pretzels and Pretzel Stix - 100 points per item
         - All Pretzel Dogs and Mini Dogs - 150 points per item
         - All Drinks - 50 points per item
         - All Dips - 20 points per item
        ii. The thresholds for redemption are:
         - Free Pretzel or Pretzel Stix - 600 points
         - Free Pretzel Dog or Mini Dog - 900 points per item
         - Free Drink - 300 points per item
         - Free Dip - 120 points per item
        iii. please be aware that auntie anne’s uk reserve the right to change these points’ totals at any time. you will be notified of this change and it will not affect your current points balance or the products which you can purchase using these points.
        iv. Within these point thresholds you will be able to mix and match purchases so that should you have 500 points, whilst you could not quite afford a Pretzel with your points, you may purchase a regular drink at 300 points leaving you with 200 points.
        v. All points for combos will be given as if you have purchased the items individually. For example if you purchase a Pretzel Dog, Drink and Dip combo you will receive 100 + 50 + 20 points.
    11. iBeacons
        i. Part of the Auntie Anne’s UK Pretzel Pass loyalty program is the installation of iBeacons in each of our locations. This device can detect when one of our Pretzel Pass app customers walks within a pre-determined distance of our store; they will be provided with a notification of current offers at that time.
    12. Promotions
        i. From time to time Auntie Anne’s UK may choose to offer promotions so that certain products or indeed certain dates afford the loyalty program member additional points.
    13. Questions or Complaints
        i. If you have any questions or indeed are not happy with any features of our Pretzel Pass loyalty program please do not hesitate to contact us on We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours of receipt of the email.
    14. Please be aware the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Pass loyalty program is operated by Freshly Baked Limited t/a Auntie Anne’s UK (Company Number: 06612738).